Sometimes …. you just have to let your hair down

Well … Berlin has taught the Rat a few new tricks. Auditioning for a part in a bitcoin-funded Horror Movie

you can donate bitcoins here … and get a mention in the credits !

Kalifilm Productions launches the first Bitcoin crowdfunding campaign for a horror film. “Despite the price crash, we are optimistic and we still believe that Bitcoin is the future of arts funding because it allows independent filmmakers like us to raise a budget without giving away a large chunk of the funds to traditional crowdfunding platforms and payment services. We are in charge of our own resources”, says the director of the film, Lara Celenza.

Based on a radio play by Italian writer Andrea Cacciavillani, starring Alex van Ric in the lead role, “The Stag Night” is a horror short about three childhood friends who reunite at a cabin in the woods for a bachelor party that goes horribly wrong. The project will be filmed on location in the German forests and in some historical places near Berlin, including a 19th century Neo-Gothic castle. “The Stag Night” will be sent to film festivals all over the world and subsequently published on the internet as a project funded by Bitcoin.


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